The Gear

We try to keep the tools and gear that we use in our cooking adventures to a minimal, below are the items we believe to be essential for most IT Office cooking quests!

  • Our trusty ‘Modern Living’ sandwich press/grill, cooks your toasted sandwiches, bacon or lamb chops perfectly!

    2015-06-17 20.13.58

  • Our little LG microwave is perfect for heating up some soup or some left overs from the night before, it even has a reminder beep that intermittently sounds after it has finished heating/cooking, just in case you forgot your food and left it in the microwave!

    2015-06-19 14.58.45

  • Our compact Lumina toaster oven heats your pies and cooks your roast lunch! 

  • Our George Forman Mix’n’Go blender is perfect for making some fruit juices/smoothies to enjoy with our IT feasts!

    2015-06-17 20.12.43

  • Every IT office needs coffee….this is our Breville espresso machine.

    2015-06-17 20.11.25

  • Our fancy little 2 slice toaster, for when you just want some Vegemite on toast.


    2015-06-19 14.59.38